Monday, 31 May 2010


I actually can't believe the day has come..and gone. No more Lordswood for me after 7 years!
Wow. I expected to cry at the leavers assembly but I guess I was being insensitive that day. (mwahahaha). I suppose I didn't cry because I was expecting it, and I'm ready to move on. Totally excited about going to Bournville and learning more about Fashion and Art. Can't wait to make some banging designs. WOO!!

And here are some photos of the day.

Photo 1:- Me with best friend Jade. Jade is an amazing, loyal, honest and wonderful friend. I'm so happy we're friends and we will be for a very long time I'm sure.

Photo 2:- Me with best friend Talent. Talent is so fun, outgoing, cute (she will kill me for calling her cute), great style and very friendly.

Photo 3:- group photo. Some really awesome people such as Bobby the comedian, his got damn fine swagger lol and should thank me for blessing him with my awesomeness on msn lol! Chris who always make media lessons super fun!! Kayleigh who know a lot about gigs and festival! Siama she has beautiful eyes and we were in the same form.

Photo 4:- another group photo

Photo5:- group photo again (shocker!) Awesome person in this photo is of course Raj. Such an amazingly talented artist!

Other people I will miss who aren't in the photos:
- Amardeep, shes beautiful on the inside and out
- Vishant, OMG I'm gonna miss how you would attack me in the halls. So violent dude
- Sam, I love his little dances
- Rachel, she's got super cool style

Sayonora Lordswood xox
(totally gotta speak more Japanese in my posts)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Inspired by scrap and layers

As part of my course at Bournville, I'm required to do a Holiday Project. Fun right? Totally!!
When I read the first task which is to visit and exhibition I got really excited and then I moved onto task 2....Hmmm what?! It was rather confusing, immediately I felt like crying. Until I turned over the page and saw TASK 3!
Task 3 is about connecting to fabric. Right up my street that. I was bursting with excitement! One of the Artists recommended was Natasha Kerr. And I'm SO happy she was recommended, her work is absolutely beautiful. My whole body was just bursting with inspiration and excitement as I looked through her work.
Japanese Boro was also recommended, firstly the word boro in Japanese means rags or scraps.
I search some sites on Google and saw different scraps fabric sewn together to make garments, patches on clothes or just fabric collages. It was very similar to Natasha Kerr's work. So I decided to use these two sources as my backbone for this task.

After I've completed this project I would love to do some quilting of my own, maybe make some garments and accessories using this technique.

Images from Google: from top down
Natasha Kerr's work
Japanese Boro example
Quilting examples

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

You've got mail!

Today I got a letter from my Art college that I will be attending this September.
It was the official confirmation letter. YAY So in the letter I got some information about the course, my equipment list and holiday project that needs to be ready for enrolment day. WOW

Man this letter made my heart race, I am a little nervous about starting. But I'm going to give it my best shot because I love ART and to fail at something I love without trying would be seriously devastating.
So thinking caps on and lets get motivated and inspired.

In other news job hunting is still...nothing :/
But never mind that I guess. I have to focus on preparing for September.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Looking for summer project inspiration & A Job.

So now that I have finished all my creative subjects at Lordswood, I am now searching for new inspiration for the Summer. AND a Job because I need some sort of money to pay for my holiday and my future projects. Unfortunately monopoly will not do the trick aha.

Getting a job really would be like the cherry on top of the cake for me right now. I would be getting retail experience yippie.

As for a summer project I want to do a summer collection of clothes, maybe a themed collection. I was thinking of a Moulin Rouge theme or era theme. Hmm, I'll see what happens.
Also some DIY Jewellery and accessories.


Friday, 14 May 2010

Art Exam Final Piece

This is the final outcome for my Art Exam. I have very happy with the outcome.
The main influences of this project were Georgia O'Keeffe and Jackson Pollock. O'Keeffe has been a long favourite of mine and Jackson Pollock is a new artist I discovered this year. And I have totally been fascinated by his work.
Model: Deborah Strachan
Corset: Made from Satin, design done with transfer fabric paints
Dress: Made from Satin with Organza overlay

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Extended Project Native American Look

First Look
For my extended project at school, this is my interpretation of a modern Native America look
Model: Deborah Strachan
Dress: Blue Cotton Dress with bead work on Neckline and Hemline. Designed by me
Bolero: Brown cotton bolero with fringing. Designed by me
Shoes: Strap sandals

Second Look
For my extended project at school, this is my interpretation of a modern Japanese look inspired by Kimono designs.
Model: Deborah Strachan
Dress: Gray Satin dress with Japanese silk embroidered fabric for the waistline. Designed by me
Shoes: Red wedge shoes
Bag: Japanese silk embroidered fabric with bead flower for embellishment. Designed by me

Monday, 10 May 2010

Mon. 05.10.2010 yay?
Okay so the plan for today was go into school and work on the dresses for extended project.
I thought after the exam I would stop stressing about school. But that's not the case, I still have so much to do. WAAAA AH AH
Completed the dresses, but there's the sketchbook and display work to complete. God help me complete it.
I stayed behind at school to do some of the display work. Then my sugar levels dropped and I got pretty weak and tired so I decided to head home. When I got home I was so tired I didn't even attempt to do any work. Just eat and take it easy. Me likey.

After dinner...
Watch clips of Britain's Got Talent online...WOW it's so great this year. WOO! Fell in love with Tobias Mead this year. His smile is just....beautiful.
Started this blog post and finally finishing it at 10:16pm. HEHE I get distracted so quickly.

Today I heard a song I used to L O V E and still do, when I was 15. Man..that song took me back. Aww..the memories that seem so distant now.
Hmm life goes on.

Totally random post

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Last Week Update: Art exam

Oh bugga..
My body has been tested last week, both mentally and physically. But I discovered my sewing level and how much I REALLY love sewing. I noticed that when I am locked in a room and instructed to sew, I can produce some kick ass work!

Tuesday May 4 2010- Exam Day
I woke up on Tuesday morning at 6:00 am feeling motivated-a little tired but that was over powered by my motivation, inspired and glowing- although the sun wasn't shining yet. Although I didn't have any appetite to eat breakfast, I HAD to eat something because I certainly would pass out in the exam, which would probably freak out the exam invigilator and my classmates. So I had something that wouldn't make me feel sick after light and filling. Since I found out I am Anaemic I have been doing everything to make sure I take care of my health and control my diet.
I also packed some fruit to eat at break. YAY, Health Freak!
*8:00 am- Met my best-friend at the bus station, she is also taking the Art exam. We walked to school together and waited for the exam to begin.
*8:45 am- Everyone turned up early for the exam so we started early which was great because that meant we would finish earlier.
The first two hours of the exam I spent preparing the print for the fabric and cutting out the fabric pieces. I was surprised at how fast I was working, but I was happy because that meant I would finish the dress before the 15 hours is up and then I could spend some time on my sketchbook.
By the end of the day, I had cut out all the pieces and started constructing the corset. It would be completed in the first hour of the second day.

Wednesday May 5 2010
Woke up feeling the effects of working hard for 5 hours. My body was crying out my an extra hour or two in bed. But I was still pretty pumped up from the great day I had on Tuesday to care. So I got up again, ate breakfast- compulsory lol and headed out to the bus station to meet my best friend again.
Pinned and tacked the zip into the corset but realised I bought the wrong zip. I needed a coat zip instead of invisible zip. I told my best friend the problem at lunch and she offered to ask her dad if he had any spare coat zip.
Started ironing the transfer paint print to the Organza which also looked brilliant. Pinned it to the front of the dress and immediately fell in love with how beautiful the Organza print looked when it was gathered.
After school I also went to the local market to see if they had the zip I needed. But it's Wednesday so every market is closed on this day I guess. So I had to rely on my best friend.

Thursday May 6 2010
So I have to put in the zip for the corset which was done in the first hour YAY.
Finish ironing the Organza print for the back and waistline of the dress. However I burnt the Organza three times, so this really annoyed me and wasted some time. It was a little burn but there was no way I was going to use it. I was being too much of a perfectionist!
After lunch I had to finish draping the Organza on the back of the dress and hem the skirt. Then do some finishing touches to my sketchbook. I was feeling confident about it, but the hour went so quickly I just finished hemming the skirt in a nick of time. I didn't get to do my sketchbook which annoyed me. I had a headache worrying about it but I do hope I get a good mark.
Overall I think this was my successful project and I am optimistic! I also felt a little sad because the end of the exam also meant the end of Art lessons at Lordswood this year.



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