Friday, 24 December 2010


Photographs of icicles in on the conservatory. They looked so pretty in the sun I had to snap them.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

my addiction...

Since I did the first aqua-film sample I've been pretty much addicted to it and the free hand sewing machine foot. That little thing gives you so much freedom with your sewing machine. It's like drawing with your sewing machine. Awesome!!

I've been pretty adventurous with the samples I'm creating now that I'm comfortable with using the free hand
So my project is based on Japanese print, so I've been doing some simple floral motifs that look like cherry blossoms in Spring time Japan. And also have a mash of Moroccan Rabat embroidery which also celebrates a passion for flowers. And I have a massive love for floral motifs! So it works very well for me.

Moroccan Rabat Embroidery- Image from Google

I've also developed the idea of using the free hand foot to make floral motifs by introducing different fabrics. Which also works very well and creates a stronger pattern.
For the samples below I've used Organza to sew my floral pattern. Organza was a good fabric to use because I didn't have to worry about making the stitches strong to keep the pattern visible like I had to when I used aqua-film. And I think the Organza samples would look great when layered on other prints I've done so this is a good start.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Textile Process: Dis-solvable Aqua-film

A really fun textile technique for creating your own embroidery Art. I've used this process to make my own lace. FUN!

I used a freehand machine embroidery foot on the sewing machine, which just allows your draw patterns with your sewing machine, making your designs original and unique.

This was a quick experimental sample. I wanted to experiment with different machine stitches and how I could use them to create shapes and patterns. I found the straight stitch the most effective stitch because it was easier to navigate over the aqua-film.

One thing to remember when using this technique is to make sure you build up a base of stitches on the aqua-film so when the aqua-film dissolves in water, your stitches are strong and the pattern you created are still intact.

I like this first sample and I visualise it being used as fabric for the neckline of a dress.
So I'll continue with this technique and see what other patterns I can create.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Lanvin for H&M

I love this collection. These are dresses I see myself wearing and designing in the future.
I love the bright colours mixed with darker subtle tones. Also the bright statement necklaces
gives a nice elegant and vibrant look. The type of person I could see wearing these clothes are people
who want to have fun with fashion, be brave with their choice of colours, shape and style.

Gosh I need to buy at least one dress from this collection.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Blog Lovin

Im now on blog lovin, here I hope to connect with other bloggers and get some exposure for my blog.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Fashion Illustrator :David Downton

My quest of Fashion Illustrators is full steam ahead. The first person on the list is David Downton, ironically I've always been familiar with his work. I would always see his illustrations in various magazines but I never stopped to look up the work. What I like about his Illustrations is the simplistic but still unique nature of his illustrations. His style is definitely the style I would like to see myself working in, however I would like a bit more detail in my illustrations especially on the garments I'm illustrating. I also like that Downton didn't go into fashion illustration straight after university. He branched himself out to work on different projects. I feel this is something I would like to do during and after my studies. It would really help me to find my own artistic style and also gain more skills.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Pathway chosen

I've completed my eight week rotation at School of Art Bournville, my work has been assessed and I'm predicted a grade Merit for the end of the course. A merit prediction is very pleasing at such an early stage of the course. I would like to take what I've learnt from the eight weeks and create even better work that's worthy of a grade Distinction.

We have to write an essay that shows our interests in the subject area and explain our intentions of work to produce for the course. It's very exciting that the tutors allow us to take the reins and direct our own approach to the course. This is also what is expected at degree level so hopefully by the end of the course I'll be fully prepared for my degree in either fashion or textiles.

On the course I've produced some very good work, that's at such a higher level than A-level so I'm going to push myself even further and see how far I can go. My tutor says there's 'definite potential' in my work, so lets show off my potential. :)

Artwork: Illustration of Travel by me

Friday, 24 September 2010

The Show

The one thing that's been drummed into my head since I started Uni, is 'always walk with a camera'. Luckily today I had my camera with me so I could capture the wonderful fashion show.
'The Show'
Roll up! Roll Up!
Step forward and bear witness to the most spectacular show of fashionable attire and accoutrements you're likely to see this side of the Gas Street Basin

The Show, showcased this season's hottest trends and styles. As a member of the audience you were encapsulated in the magic and drama of the fashion on show. From elaborate brocades to hyperreal monochromes, woodland inspired to exotic animal feathers and furs. As an aspiring fashion designer, being able to witness this showcase was amazing. I felt so inspired and motivated to see my designs on the catwalk one day.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Its been a while

It's been a while since I seriously thought about fashion, bloging or even felt inspired to design something. But with the new school year approaching I have to get back to being motivated and inspired. Now that I've got over chicken pox and other illnesses, I plan to visit local galleries for new ideas and plan some goals I want to achieve creatively this year.

Today I while I was browsing for inspiration I discovered a fantastic designer who inspired me and reminded me of why I love fashion so much. His name is Marios Schwab his Autumn 2010/11 collection was so simple and elegant with hints of the masculine office look.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

I love textiles

Finally finished my textiles project for Bournville, and I'm so please with the outcome. These samples truly reflect my thoughts of textiles.
Before creating these samples I had to choose from a list of words and the words that were most appealing to me were scrap and cutting line. I really LOVE the interior design element of these samples, I didn't have a particular theme to work with for these samples. I just saw pretty fabrics and stitched them together. But they work nicely as samples for possible furniture fabrics.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Back to work

I'm back from my holiday in Torquay, South Devon. I tried not to think about work but I've only got 1 month of summer left I still have a ton of things to do, other than working on my project. I'm happy with the progress of my work, hopefully I can keep this up and get everything done in two weeks.

Still working with hexagons, and the samples I've created from the fabrics I bought from Saints & Pinners are working fantastic. On Wednesday I'll do the photography part of my project, hopefully the weather is good and I can get some good shots.

Also today I realised I need to get back to sewing, I planned to sew some summer dresses but as always nothing ever go to plan. Maybe after I've finished this project I'll sew some cute stuff :)

Photos by Yanii Moodie, Yanii Textiles


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