Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Trends Project: Alpine

The first project for BA Textiles Design (Printed Textiles) is Alpine, for this module we'll be exploring the trend of Alpine for Autumn/Winter 13/14. This trend is all about embracing nature and the great outdoors, warm and cool moods are created with a Woodland palette, playful and down to earth imagery.
Key points I will be exploring for this project are:
Rustic elements inspire finishes on hard surfaces- I enjoy manipulating the surfaces of materials and changing their properties.
Natural aesthetic, bringing the outdoors indoors- I like being around nature, peaceful walks, sitting in a park, cycling through woodland areas.

For this project I really want to connect with the colour palette, find and take photographs that reflect the Alpine colours. Those are images I found and picked out the colours that reflect the Alpine trend.

Exhibition: Style Africa

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery (and students from Birmingham City University) has been hosting the Style Africa exhibition throughout the summer to autumn. Once I finally got the chance to visit and indulge in some world Textiles, I was immediately drawn to the exciting colours and narrative prints on display. There were large panels of cloth printed and dyed from various countries in Africa, they all told stories about live and textiles techniques native to their country.
Here are some photographs from my visit.

Monday, 13 August 2012


Ever since they came out, Lomo cameras have always caught my eye. Now I'm thinking about treating myself to one for my 21st birthday in October. This is the camera I would like to be my starter and then maybe I will move onto to something more technical when I've learn more about analogue photography.

This is a pretty big investment though as I have t consider developing prices and film costs, but I love analogue photography so the price shouldn't be a big issue.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Most recent work

These are a few images of my work from my first year at University. At the beginning of the year I quite experimental in my approach to projects, and would work with anything. But towards the end I began to be more selective with my research material, research from unconventional sources such as films, finding materials and textures that interested me. Materials I mainly worked with were found materials in the scrap box (my favorite place to find fabrics), satin is so wonderful with heat transfer process, wallpaper painted with heat transfer dyes create exciting textured prints and Dercolin (for bleaching fabrics). I've had the most exciting year studying Textiles Design and I am thoroughly looking forward to going back in September.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Busy, Timid, Colouful identity of Yanique Moodie

I've completed to first module of my Textiles Design course this year, it's been such an exciting module and has kept me very busy but I feel my more is so much more personal which is good because the title of the module is Identity.
My three focus words for this module were busy, timid and colourful and I've tried to reflect these words through my work in the different specialist areas, Constructed Textiles, Embroidery and Print.

Yanique Moodie Design Boards, 2011
Textiles Design
Module TEX 4001
Birmingham City University


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