Friday, 30 April 2010

You are in control of your own destiny

Back in January when I had my interview for my Art and Design Foundation Course, my confidence about my ability as an Artist and Designer was very low. My portfolio was sort of weak and the way one of the tutors looked at my portfolio showed me that I really wasn't showing them my best work. Partly because I didn't push myself hard enough with my Art projects to achieve the best possible. Yes I spent hours after school and during the holidays. But still there was something missing- my personality. And this reflected in my portfolio.
So with my my current self titled Art project 'Abstract Prints in Fashion and Textiles', allowed me to show off my personality and passion for fashion and textiles. YAY! This project allowed me to discover new ways of generating designs that have unique prints, something I really LOVE in a garment and also expanding on my previous styles of creating fabric prints. This project is really something I enjoyed. And I THANK the examiners who wrote this fantastic Art and Design exam paper. Final thanks to my awesome Art teachers who have always supported me and fuelled my inspiration.
After this final Art exam that will be the end of my Art Journey at Lordswood and then it's off into a bigger pond, filled with talented artists, designers, photographers, illustrators ect. And I will have to work harder, keep an open mind, fall down and pick myself back up in order to succeed. Although it's only a 1 year course, it does partly paint the path to my fashion/textile designer career.
My thoughts about my art exam:
I have a clear idea of what I'm going to do in the exam, but I still don't know how it will go. This exam has my final grade riding on it so I have to do well. To make my final design in 15 hours sounds okay, but I hope I don't have any nasty surprises while I'm sewing.

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