Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Reality hits the shopaholic

We all love shopping right? Even if we only go shopping every month, three months, a YEAR!
Either way shopping is always fun and can really brighten up your day.
Today in particular needed brightening up as I was going to the doctor to get some tests done. So of course shopping afterwards was needed. After waiting at the doctor for what seemed like hours, I was finally on my way to the city centre with my mum and little sister. Before shopping we went to the museum and I finally got to see the exhibition that I've been waiting weeks to see but something always seemed to get in the way. (usually laziness)
The exhibition was AMAZING! I really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful pieces of art work. This also inspired me to have one of my work shown in a museum. While at the museum I also saw a video on weaving threads and yarns on a loom. It was so inspiring I would Love to use a loom one day. So many things I want to do.
Okay so we finally made it to the shops. The clothes were beautiful and I saw some nice garments made from lace. However the prices were not as beautiful for a student who still hasn't got a job. (In my defence I have been looking for jobs but there are hardly any these days) So that's when I made a couple decisions!
  • I will start to reconstruct my own clothes as I really can't afford shop prices now. And this will be better because it will be different and I can improve my sewing.
  • I will start to make bolder choices with my fashion and not wonder what people will think
  • Find vintage and second hand shops to buy clothes to reconstruct.
So my advice to fashion lovers out there. Loving fashion doesn't have to be burn your pockets and your parents. Remember every piece of clothing that has ever been made was influenced by fashion. Think of what you need, what you want and what you can work with when out shopping.

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